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Our Approach

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The Divorce Shoppe, a leader in non-adversarial dispute resolution, has changed divorce from an adversarial, often bitter event, to an informed and supported life transition. Whether you choose Collaborative Practice, Mediation, or the “Kitchen Table” approach, we can help you and your spouse work together to find  resolutions that work for all members of the family.

Your collaborative divorce attorney or family law mediator provide you with the support and information you need to work together to create an outcome that considers every member of the family. We assist families to maximize the resources available and reach agreements that work for everyone. If you have children, we can help you build solid parenting plans as well as healthy and effective co-parenting relationships.

We know divorce is always difficult. Collaboration and mediation do not eliminate differences, disagreements, or conflict. Our mission is to give families the chance to move forward through conflict with grace and dignity. Whether you need assistance filing paperwork, have difficulties communicating with your spouse, or have a multi-million dollar estate, as one of Portland's oldest "no court" family law firms, we have the skill, resources and experience to help. Click Options to learn more about our services.

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